Tree Services – Clearing and Firewood Sales

If It Involves A Tree, We’ll Take Care Of It

Residential Tree Service

Whether you need a lot cleared for a home site, woods thinned, or a single tree taken down, By “US” is your one-stop for tree services. Our 60’ bucket truck and chippers are ready to tackle any job, from felling a single tree to clearing an entire lot and delivering it for firewood.

Tree Trimming:

The By “US” company provides the following tree trimming services:

Pruning Young Trees To Form Better Structure
Removing Major Deadwood
Thinning A Tree Crown
Lifting A Tree Crown By Removing Low Branches
Reducing The Overall Size Of The Tree

Tree Felling:

At the By “US” company, we have the training and experience to safely fell or dismantle trees.  Each situation is unique. We assess the trees and situation to determine the best method of felling and plan a safe method of work.

Site Clearing

The By “US” company is experienced in professional site clearance. We offer an efficient and economic service throughout Maine. Our services include clear felling, stump removal, chipping and mulching.  We carry out clearance and selective clearance for residential sites, woodlands, and overgrown land.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

When storm damage produces fallen or unstable trees, we have the resources and experience to provide emergency work quickly and safely.

Firewood Sales and Delivery

The By “US” company can cut your tree and deliver firewood to your door in a cost efficient and timely manner. We also have our own firewood for sale.