Giving Back

By “US” Gives Back

Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Cart

Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Cart

An important part of “US” is our commitment to giving back to our communities. The By “US” company regularly donates services to schools, towns, hospitals and other organizations to help strengthen the communities in which we and our customers live. By “US” has been a part of the following projects:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness- Our painted golf cart proudly displays our support of this worthy cause. We annually donate the use of golf carts and a water wagon to the Beth Wright Walk for Cancer.
  • Machias Valley Christian School: We have done a portion of the groundwork for the school’s playground.
  • Town of Cutler: We donated loam and groundwork for the town’s community park.
  • Machias Area Little League: We groomed the infield and redid the ditching to benefit area Little League participants.