Tree Services

Tree Removal

Do You Have Problem Trees?

We can help turn your trees into the stately picture of health and longevity they were meant to be. The By “US” company provides tree trimming services to Maine commercial properties year round. Tree pruning is carried out for many reasons such as health, safety, light and proximity to buildings and roads. Our experience and understanding of tree growth helps us provide you the best solutions.

Tree Felling

At the By “US” company, we have the training and experience to safely fell or dismantle trees.  Each tree removal situation is unique. We assess the trees and situation to determine the best method of felling and plan a safe method of work.

Site Clearing

The By “US” company is experienced in professional site clearance for all our clients. We offer an efficient and economic service throughout Maine. Our services include clear felling, stump removal, chipping and mulching.  We carry out clearance and selective clearance for construction and industrial sites, woodlands, and overgrown land and property.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

When storm damage produces fallen or unstable trees, we have the resources and experience to provide emergency work quickly and safely.

Tree Trimming

  • Pruning Young Trees For Better Structure
  • Removing Major Deadwood
  • Cleaning A Tree Crown
  • Lifting A Tree Crown
  • Reduce The Overall Size Of The Tree